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A 🐝 song for littles - just BEEcause it’s summertime :)

Oh the simple joys of summer and the beauty of experiencing the world through a child’s eyes. This little bee was sure a sight to see in our backyard (as you can hear by the excitement in the sweet voice in the background).

This happy little moment inspired me to share a simple and fun honeybee song with you on a lovely summer day. This one, “Honeybees, Honeybees,” is from my Song and Rhyme Alphabet Cards. You can say it as a rhyme, sing it to the tune of “Sing a Song of Sixpence,” or set it to your own little tune. It goes like this:

Honeybees, honeybees flying in the sun

Through the summer garden with a gentle hum

Tasting all the flowers, one by one

They do a happy honey dance when the day is done

Fly around just like a honeybee, pretending to stop at each flower to take a taste. It’s fun to make up your own happy honeybee dance at the end of the song too! :)

After you sing is a lovely opportunity to practice a little mindfulness and relaxation with some gentle honeybee hums. Take a deep breath in and then let out a long hmmmm sound, just like a honeybee makes.

Wishing you a bee-autiful day!

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