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warming the spirit and
illuminating potential
through music and song

One does not need to have any formal knowledge of music -- nor, indeed, be particularly musical to enjoy music and respond to it at the deepest levels. Music is a part of being human and there is no human culture in which it is not highly developed or esteemed.

— Dr. Oliver Sacks

Three djembe drums

Community Partnerships

Music therapy and music recreation services designed and implemented with care to bring a positive and enriching musical experience to the individuals within your organization/facility.
These include:

  • daycares

  • schools

  • hospitals

  • seniors homes

  • group homes

  • day programs

Meet Christine

Thank you for stopping by! Some of my earliest musical memories are those of my mom singing "You Are My Sunshine" as she tucked me into bed each night.

These warm memories inspired Solful and help to inform my practice, where I am passionate about connecting with and bringing warmth to others through the beauty that is music.

Christine Fabian outdoors at a pop-up class. She is smiling and playing an acoustic guitar.
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