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Free Resource: 35 Kids' Song for Emotional Wellbeing

Nurture emotional wellbeing with a throughtfully curated collection of songs for young kids.

  • Foster emotional development through music with songs that promote social and emotional skills.

  • Help kids manage and understand their feelings through songs that address emotional regulation.

  • Utilize upbeat songs strategically to energize, promote focus, and learning.

  • Nurture growth mindset and a positive sense of self through songs that deliver empowering messages.

  • Cultivate empathy and connection by exploring songs with themes of kindness, friendship and community.

  • Incorporate soothing tunes to provide moments of calm and relaxation.


This FREE ready-made list is a valuable musical resource to support both little learners and educators alike!

Enjoy! If this freebie landed in your spam folder, no worries! Easily manage preferences by clicking "not spam" or "not junk," so you won't miss out on a monthly inspiration email. :)

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