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  • Egg Shakers and Eggcellent Egg-themed Songs and Activities

    There are always magical finds on trips to the library with my kids. Last spring, I stumbled upon a book that instantly captured our hearts and has become a hit in my sessions with kids too. The story is called "Ten Little Eggs" by Jess Mikhail, and it lends itself to a whole host of egg-themed songs and activities, which I am egg-xcited to share! Ten Little Eggs Singable Book The lovely book is about a mother bird who is wondering “What in the world will (her) little eggs be?” One by one, the eggs hatch into a diverse bunch creatures that come together to make a big happy family — a cute and heartwarming celebration of togetherness. Below is a snippet of the book, adapted into a singable story set to a familiar tune. Egg Activities to Complement the Singable Book: Add a tactile element where kids can engage with the story by counting and placing eggs (plastic Easter eggs or shaker eggs) in a nest, matching the story as it progresses. Bunch up some colourful scarves to serve as a nest and nestle the eggs inside. “What’s in the Egg?” is a great little song activity that extends the themes of the story. Place small toy creatures in plastic Easter eggs, sing the simple song, and children can learn about animals that hatch from eggs versus those that do not. Egg Shaker Songs Now it’s time to shake, rattle, and roll with some fun egg shaker songs! Here are a few favourites: I Know a Chicken by Laurie Berkner 2. Shake Your Shakers Slowly by Kathy Reid Naiman 3. Egg Shaking Song for Primary Colors by Nancy Stewart 4. Humpty Dumpty by Jiggle Jam Bird and Egg Movement Song But wait, there’s more! Songs that encourage pretend play are incredibly engaging for kids. I love “Here’s a Little Bird” by Susan Salidor where little ones can let their imaginations soar as they pretend to be a bird hatching from an egg and learning to fly. Bonus "E is for Egg" Colouring Craft As a bonus treat, I'm happy to share a free download with you: an "E is for Egg" tracing and coloring activity. This craft targets fine motor and pre-writing skills, and makes it a perfect complement to any of these egg activities. Children can even cut out the eggs to display them or glue them onto a paper nest for a delightful egg-themed craft. Simply click the picture below to download and enjoy! Join the Solful Share Community I'd also like to extend an invitation to join the Solful Share community! By becoming a member, you'll receive a free monthly music activity and/or printable activity to pair with it—just like this one! It's a wonderful way to continue the fun and learning. Join here!😊 I hope you enjoy this array of egg-citing songs and activities designed to engage little ones, foster creative self-expression, and promote learning! 🐣 Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The items recommended are ones I truly love and have used myself.

  • Spring Songs for Preschool, Early Childhood, and Kindergarten

    Spring is in the air! With the changing of seasons comes a symphony of songs, nursery rhymes, and finger plays that capture the wonders of springtime — from flowers to baby animals to sunshine and rain, to bugs, frogs, and more! Because there are so many songs centered around various springtime themes, they offer the perfect way to teach little learners about the season. Music provides a simple yet engaging way to convey a variety of spring concepts. Teaching Kids About Spring When using music and song to explore the season, we could start with a simple song about the signs of spring. The song below, sung to the tune of “London Bridge,” explores spring through the senses, giving kids the opportunity to share what they might see, hear, feel, smell, and taste in the springtime. Signs of spring are everywhere On the ground and in the air Signs of spring are everywhere What do you see (hear, feel, smell, taste)? “I see a beautiful rainbow” “I hear birds singing” A song like this provides a big picture of what the season has to offer. And then, there are plenty of songs specific to different springtime themes that we can continue to sing throughout the season. Here are a few of my favourites: Flower and Garden Spring Songs Up Grows a Flower This sweet action song guides little ones through the steps of growing a flower. Plant a seed, add rain and sunshine, then stretch tall like a beautiful flower. This one can be sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.” First we plant a little seed in the ground Here comes the rain such a lovely sound The shining sun so beautiful and bright Up grows a flower in the morning light The Bunny Went to the Garden Set to the familiar tune of "The Bear Went Over the Mountain," this springy song takes us on a garden adventure with a curious bunny as our guide. Children will love helping the bunny count the different treasures she discovers along the way using count and clip cards. The bunny went to the garden The bunny went to the garden The bunny went to the garden To see what she could see… Bunny saw…(3 carrots) Spring Creature Finger Plays Here Is the Beehive This one is a great finger play song that will get little ones buzzing about spring. Kids can make a hive with their fist and then their little fingers become buzzing bees, emerging from their hive one by one. Here is the beehive Where are all the bees? Hidden away where nobody sees Watch and you'll see them, Come out of their hive 1...2...3...4...5 Buuuuzzzzz! Itsy Bitsy Spider Climb up the water spout with your fingers, adding rain and sunshine gestures for extra fun. I love to incorporate the “great big spider” with hand claps and the “teeny tiny spider” using a teeny tiny voice. Two Little Birdies Two little birdies sitting on a hill One named Jack One named Jill Fly away Jack Fly away Jill Come back Jack Come back Jill Use pointer fingers as the birds flying them behind your back on “fly away” and bringing them back out on “come back.” Kids love the variations to this song where we change our voice to suit the lyrics: Two little birdies sitting on a cloud One named Quiet One named Loud… Two little birdies sitting in a row One named Fast One named Slow… Some More Spring Counting Songs Five in the Bed Just like the classic "Ten in the Bed," this sweet adaptation features adorable bugs nestled in a leafy bed, as the little ladybug playfully nudges them out one by one. There were 5 in the bed, and the ladybug said: ‘Roll over, roll over’ So they all rolled over, and one fell out... Five Green and Speckled Frogs Frogs are so fun, and this timeless song captures their energy perfectly as they each take a playful leap into the pond, one by one. Spring Movement Songs Sleeping Bunnies This tune is always a favourite as we alternate between moments of peaceful calm sleep and bursts of playful energy as bunnies wake up and hop around. We can also change the lyrics to include additional springtime creatures for added excitement. Bugs In My Backyard Encourage imaginative play with this lively song that invites children to use their imagination and move like various backyard bugs, from spinning spiders to hopping grasshoppers. Stretching Frog In this song kids gets to imagine they are frogs stretching on a lily pad on a spring day. Children can come into a different yoga pose each time you sing the little ditty. Printable Spring Circle Time Song Pack If you’d like an extended version of these songs and more fun spring songs, check out the spring song bundle! It includes 16 springtime song lyric sheets, visuals, song choice cards, and even some colouring! Embrace the season with melody and joy! :)

  • 8 Song Activities to Explore Rainbows and Colours

    Exploring the world of colours through music can be a magical and educational experience for kids. From vibrant rainbow movement songs to rainbow relaxation, there are so many engaging ways to explore rainbows and colours through songs and rhymes. 1. Rainbow Stew: I always love how children are enchanted by the "Rainbow Stew" song. Watching as each colourful fruit is added one by one into a pot, creating a beautiful rainbow by the song's end, is so magical for them. A fun variation is using colourful dancing scarves to form a rainbow, allowing each child to participate in bringing the rainbow to life. 2. Little Mouse Hide and Seek Game "Little Mouse, little mouse Are you in the (insert colour) house?" This fun rhyme encourages exploration and colour recognition as children guess which coloured house the little mouse is hidden behind. The visuals for this activity are available in my shop along with six variations to keep the fun going! Rainbow and Colours Music and Movement 3. Rainbow Scarf Dance: Encourage creativity and coordination with a colourful twist to a classic song. Sing and do the "Rainbow Pokey" using scarves or streamers. Alternate colours with each verse and children will take turns putting their colour in. We can adapt the lyrics like this: "You put your (red) scarf in, you put your red scarf out..." At the end, we could sing, “you put all the colours in, you put all the colours out…” Another idea for a rainbow movement song is Dancing Rainbow Colors by Nancy Stewart. It is a perfect song for scarves and incorporates different movements. 4. Colourful Musical Scavenger Hunt (Days with Grey blog): Turn a simple musical game into an exciting colour adventure by having children find items matching the colour they land on when the music stops. This activity promotes observation skills and color recognition, whether played indoors or outdoors. 5. Freeze like a Colourful Monster: Ignite children's imagination with a colourful monster freeze dance. Scatter the friendly monster pictures around the room. Children can dance to the music and when the music stops, find a coloured monster and freeze in the pose the monster is making. Another way to play would be to call out a colour when the music stops, prompting children to find and freeze in the pose of a monster of that colour. A Colourful Calming Activity 6. Rainbow Relaxation: Introduce relaxation techniques with some rainbow breathing. Children can sweep their arms to meet over their head as they breathe in and sweep their arms back down in a rainbow motion as they breathe out. Pair the activity with soothing music to enhance the experience. Another way to "breathe a rainbow" is by using this free printable guiding children to trace the arch of a rainbow with their finger as they breathe in or out, one colour at a time. Download this freebie rainbow breathing printable here! Singable and Rhyming Books Showcasing Colours: 7. Pete the Cat (I Love My White Shoes): Join Pete the Cat on a colorful journey as his white shoes transform with each step. This interactive book, complete with catchy tunes, captivates children while reinforcing color concepts in a playful way. 8. Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse: Explore colors and concepts through rhythmic rhymes with "Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse." This delightful book not only teaches colors but also sparks curiosity and imagination in little ones. By integrating music, movement, and storytelling, these activities and books offer rich opportunities for children to explore and appreciate the vibrant spectrum of colours. Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The items recommended are ones I truly love and have used myself.

  • Songs and Activities to Support Healthy Habits for Kids

    Encouraging healthy habits in children is essential for their overall well-being, and what better way to instill these habits than through the power of music and engaging activities? In this blog post, we'll explore a variety of songs and music activities tailored for early childhood that center around the theme of promoting healthy habits. From catchy tunes that highlight the importance of daily routines to energetic songs that encourage physical activity, and from melodies celebrating nutritious food choices to music that helps kids manage emotions — let's dive into musical and creative ways to inspire healthy habits in little learners. Healthy Habits for Kids Before delving into the music, let's outline some essential healthy habits for young children. These habits serve as the foundation for health and well-being and can be reinforced through engaging songs and activities. Some key habits include: Eating nutritious foods and maintaining a balanced diet. Engaging in regular physical activity. Getting a good night’s sleep. Practicing good hygiene, such as washing hands regularly and brushing teeth. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Managing emotions through activities like deep breathing and mindfulness   exercises. Building positive relationships and friendships. Now, my favourite, pairing each of these habits with a corresponding song or activity that reinforces the concept: Nutrition I Eat a Rainbow Every Day (KCLS Library): This song encourages children to name nutritious foods in various colors, emphasizing how eating a rainbow of colorful nutritious foods is good for us. Apples and Bananas: A classic song that celebrates the goodness of fruits and plays with sounds, adding a silly touch that kids love. Fruit Salad Salsa by Laurie Berkner: A fun song about making a fruit salad where kids get to move and dance as they pretend to be the fruit inside the bowl. Physical Activity My Energy by Laurie Berkner: A movement song where kids get to express their energy in different ways. Before playing this song, we can discuss how healthy habits like eating good food and getting a good sleep give us the energy we need to learn, move, and play. Heartbeat by Laura Doherty: This song highlights the different ways we can move our bodies to get our hearts pumping to stay healthy and energized. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Are You Sleeping: Reinforce the importance of a good sleep with this classic song. Children will enjoy pretending to sleep and then waking up after the bells ring, “Ding dang dong”. I like to follow this one up with the song “Wake Up Toes” to encourage movement, wakefulness, and body awareness. Daily Routines for Good Hygiene Washing My Hands by Nancy Kopman: This catchy tune makes handwashing fun! Brush Your Teeth by Raffi: A cheerful song where children can pretend to brush their teeth while making a fun rhythmic sound throughout. Staying Hydrated Drinking Up the Water: A simple song to sing about drinking water to reinforce the importance of staying hydrated and healthy. We can also add that drinking water is good for the health of our teeth too. Managing Emotions Take a Breath by Raffi: This self-regulation song encourages deep breathing and calming techniques to help children manage big emotions. Friends and Family The More We Get Together: Another classic song that celebrates the joy of friendship and the importance of spending time with loved ones. Healthy Habits Singable Book Recommendation "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" picture book adapts the classic song to highlight different ways we can take care of ourselves to help our bodies grow. It’s a personal favourite of mine and really sums up many of the healthy habits that we’ve been discussing. This book also offers opportunities for kids to interact, and many pages lend themselves to movement and actions. By incorporating these songs and activities into lessons of health, caregivers and educators can help instill healthy habits in children from a young age. Let the power of music inspire and motivate our little learners to lead happy, healthy lives! Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The items recommended are ones I truly love and have used myself.

  • Engaging Songs and Musical Tips for Preschool, Early Childhood, and Kindergarten

    Music is an invaluable addition to the preschool, early childhood, and kindergarten classroom. I always love discovering new, engaging songs for my music sessions with kids, yet there's something special about those tried-and-true favourites that consistently resonate with young hearts. I make sure to keep these songs on hand, knowing I can bring them out and use them whenever needed, considering how effective they are. Let's delve into the qualities that make these songs click with kids, and then I'll share some personal favourites. What types of songs do children love? Movement-Friendly Melodies: Songs with actions or dancing elements that get preschoolers and kindergarteners moving. Imaginative Play: Songs that stretch children's imagination, allowing them to play and pretend. Repetitive Elements: The power of rhythm and repetition in actions and lyrics is not only captivating but also beneficial for learning and development. Humor and Silliness: Adding humor to spark laughter and joy — that's the secret sauce! Visuals for Extra Fun: Songs that pair well with visuals, creating a multi-sensory experience for added enjoyment. Interactive Props: Incorporating songs that easily integrate props, like dancing scarves, enhances interaction and enjoyment. Contrasting Musical Elements: Children are captivated by songs that play with tempo (fast and slow), dynamics (loud and soft), and build anticipation. 10 favourite classic songs for musical engagement: 1. Zoom Zoom Zoom: The repetitive actions boost engagement, providing a rhythmic experience. The much-anticipated blast-off moment at the end? Pure joy! Tip: Before or after singing, ask children what colour their rocket ship is for added interaction. 2. Wheels on the Bus: A classic for a reason — its repeating motions and words are great for physical development and language skills. Tip: Add a twist by bringing animals on the bus, practicing vocalizing animal sounds ( For ex. The monkeys on the bus go ooo ooo aaa...all through the town). Bring in puppets or a visual for added fun! 3. Sleeping Bunnies: Uses the power of changing musical elements to capture attention and participation. Kids tune in when the singing becomes softer for "sleep" and louder and faster for "hop little bunnies, hop hop hop" Tip: Build anticipation by slowing down during "wake...up...soon" to excite little ones even more so for the wake-up moment. 4. Five Green and Speckled Frogs/Five Little Ducks: Seamlessly weaves in academic information, in this case, numbers and counting. Tip: Enhance the learning experience with visuals, providing another sensory component. 5. Itsy Bitsy Spider: Finger plays are gold for the development of fine motor skills. Tip: Don't forget about the different-sized spiders ( the GREAT BIG spider and the teeny tiny spider) and vary singing style and actions for added interest. 6. Down by the Bay: Wordplay, rhyming, and silly animal scenarios — a trio for a fun-filled experience. Tip: Encourage children to find matching rhymes by incorporating picture flashcards. 7. Popcorn Kernels: Incorporates different movements and pairs well with scarves for a tactile experience. The highlight is when kids get to throw their scarf up in the air on the word "POP." Tip: Definitely repeat the shaking and tossing the scarves over and over when kiddos are loving it so much! 8. If You're Happy and You Know It: Love how this song can be adapted to include multiple movements Tip: Add in various emotions and coping strategies ( For ex. If you're sad and you know it, give yourself a hug!). If you're interested in flashcards to pair with the song and learning experience, I have some available in my shop. 9. If All the Raindrops: Imagine catching rain that turns into imaginary treats -- oh what fun! This song is great for encouraging vocalizing with the “ah ah ah ah...” when pretending to catch lemon drops and gumdrops on tongues. Tip: Expand the song by asking children to add their own favorite treats in place of the original lyrics. 10. The Hokey Pokey: A classic movement song fostering body awareness. The "turn yourself around" part is the best! Tip: Explore the fun variations out there for this one -- I personally like the snowkey pokey, incorporating winter clothing ( "you put your mittens in, you put your mittens out..."). Narrowing the songs down to 10 was tricky but the ones mentioned are among some of the best ones to have in your back pocket when wanting to provide an engaging music experience. Interested in some more musical ideas for little ones? Join Solful Share where you'll get a music activity idea every month, accompanied by a printable. And you'll receive a fun activity idea (Create a Silly Song with Picture Cards) right away for instant download! Sign up here!

  • 12 Kindness Songs for Kids

    Music has a beautiful way of connecting with young hearts, teaching valuable lessons in a fun and engaging way. Here’s a curated selection of catchy songs for early childhood that celebrate kindness, connection, and the joy of friendship. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Randi Newman) Three Kind Mice (Raffi and Lindsay Monroe) Enjoy a FREE kindness mouse craft, colouring sheet, and song visuals to pair with this one! You can find it here! Kindness Grows (Little Ripples) With a Little Help from My Friends (Caspar Babypants) Kindness (Juicebox Jukebox) This Little Light of Mine (Elizabeth Mitchell) This well-loved song can be made into a lesson on how we can let our light shine for others -- how we can let our kindness shine. I've created a kindness star craft to pair with this song, you can find it here! Kindness is Cool (Renee and Jeremy) Kindness Mantra (Kira Willey) I've Got Peace in My Fingers (Susan Salidor) Try a Little Kindness (Sesame Street with Tori Kelly) K-I-N-D (Stephanie Leavell) Everybody's Got a Heartbeat - Kira Willey Hope you enjoy these sweet sounds of kindness and friendship! For some musical activity ideas relating to this theme, check out: Valentine's Day Songs and Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

  • Valentine’s Day Songs and Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

    Here are some lovely musical ways to celebrate kindness, love, and friendship with your little learners. Let’s start with some sweet songs to sing and bring into circle time. Valentine's Day Song Activities for Circle Time 1 . I Put My Hands Together This cute and simple rhyme, from Jbrary, leads children in making a heart with their hands. To add to this Valentine's day song activity, children can share something that fills their heart and makes them happy. 2. Making a Valentine I created this song to the familiar tune of "Up On the Housetop" where kids can act out the different steps of making a valentine. "Making a Valentine for my friend I'll cut out a heart and then, Add a little bit of glue And sprinkle on some glitter too Wow, wow, wow! Look at it now! Wow, wow, wow! Look at it now! My Valentine is ready to share With my friend to show I care" You can incorporate some different actions as demonstrated in the video below. This one can also be followed up with some discussion questions: -What colour valentine would you choose to make for a friend? -How do you think a friend feels to receive a special valentine? -What are some kind words we could write in a valentine for a friend? 3. The More We Get Together This classic song is great to bring into a kindness and friendship theme and can be easily adapted to include different actions that bring happiness: "The more we get together, together, together The more we get together The happier we'll be For your friend are my friends And my friends are your friends The more we get together The happier we'll be" Ways to adapt: The more we sing together... The more we dance together... The more we laugh together... Musical Kindness Crafts 1.Three Kind Mice The song "Three Kind Mice" is a great one to listen to or sing around Valentine’s Day, or anytime of year. The lyrics are all about three mice and how they show kindness by helping, using manners, and sharing. As a complement to the song, kids can enjoy crafting their own kindness mouse. They can colour the heart the mouse is holding using their favourite colour, write their name, or a kind action inside the heart. Get the FREE kindness mouse craft, and some kind mice visuals to pair with the song here! 2. Kindness Star Craft This craft centers around the spiritual “This Little Light of Mine.” The song can be listened to or sung together and then adapted to reflect different acts of kindness. This activity from my shop (find it here) also includes stars with various kindness prompts to inspire ideas. The song can be adapted as follows: Verse 1: This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine Verse 2: By helping someone, gonna let my kindness shine By helping someone, gonna let my kindness shine By helping someone, gonna let my kindness shine Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine Valentine's Music and Movement Ideas 1.Heart Matching Activity A fun activity to get kids moving! Pass out a heart to each child — each child should have a heart that matches another friend’s heart. Children will then dance, holding their hearts, to upbeat music and then find their match/partner when the music stops. Upon finding their matching heart, the children will sit down together. To add to the learning experience, kids can also match upper and lowercase letter hearts. 2. Silly Heart Freeze Dance This one also involves dancing, but this time children get to freeze in a silly heart pose. When the music stops, hold up a heart pose for kids to copy. Check out the Kindness Songs for Kids blog post for some song suggestions! Visuals to complement these two heart movement activities can be found in my Heart Circle Time Pack 3. Musical Mirroring Activity Engage young hearts with a playful musical mirroring activity. Pair up children and play some music centred around kindness and friendship. Encourage kids to take turns leading and mirroring each other’s movements. Research suggests these activities foster empathy, making it a fun-filled way for children to connect and build understanding. These musical activities not only pair well with preschool February themes and Valentine's Day but can also be enjoyed any time -- fostering a year-round celebration of friendship. 💛 Explore the Feelings and Friendship Creative Play Bundle! It's a delightful collection designed to nurture emotional development and explore kindness and friendship in a fun and engaging way.

  • Polar Bear Songs and Activities for Circle Time

    Ready for some polar bear fun? These engaging music activities -- perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and early learning -- are here to nurture creativity and development in young learners. The following ideas, many from my Polar Bear Activity Pack, are sure to bring a delightful blend of education and fun. 1. Dress the Polar Bear - Colour Learning Activity: Explore colours as little ones dress the polar bear in this interactive learning activity. "Brrr, brrr, it's cold out there, Can you find a (red) hat for bear to wear," The rhyme above will prompt kids to find the matching colour and place it on the polar bear. 2. Emotion and Iceberg Matching Game: Combine movement, music, and emotional awareness with the emotion and iceberg activity. Within this movement game, children hold a polar bear emotion card, dance like polar bears, and find the matching emotion iceberg when the music stops. Kids get to learn about emotions in a playful way, with a polar bear twist. 3. If You're a Happy Polar Bear Song You can also use polar bear emotion cards to bring a winter and arctic twist to the classic song, "If You're Happy and You Know It." Change the lyrics to incorporate different emotions: -If you're a happy polar bear, clap your hands... -If you're a tired polar bear, have a stretch ... -If you're a sad polar bear, give yourself a hug... 4. “Polar Bear" Song by Rachel Rambach: Rachel Rambach's rhythmic polar bear song engages children in dynamic movements, mirroring the polar bear's activities. With 2 distinct actions within the song, kids are not only engaged but also develop a sense of rhythm, promoting coordination and motor skills. Also, activities like this that involve internalizing a steady beat are regulating for kids, bringing a sense of calm. 5. Counting Sprinkles in Polar Bear's Hot Chocolate: Combine numeracy with a touch of sweetness as kids count sprinkles in the polar bear's hot chocolate. Choose whipped cream to place in Bear's cup, sing the rhyme below (tune of Twinkle Twinkle), and then count the sprinkles. "Polar bear, polar bear, time to warm up. How many sprinkles inside your cup?" Make learning to count fun while also reinforcing basic math skills through play! This activity also includes a polar bear craft where kids have to draw or paste sprinkles (sequins, stickers, gems) into bear’s hot chocolate according to the number on the flashcard. 6. Polar Bear Ice Fishing -- Exploring Letters and Sounds: Sing this simple song to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell: "A polar bear went to sea To sea what he could see He looked down and then he found A fish who made this sound __________" In this activity, children can help the polar bear choose a fish with a letter and practice identifying the letter and making its sound. 7. Polar Bear Storytelling with Instruments: Adding a storytelling element to my music sessions with young children is something that I do often. Musical stories are so great for redirecting and holding attention. I’ve created a little story about a polar bear's winter adventure where children use instruments to accompany the tale, bringing it to life with sound. This activity not only nurtures creativity but also further encourages active listening and participation. 7. Bear Hug Affirmation Song: I think this song by Stephanie Leavell is a wonderfully gentle way to wrap up a polar bear or winter session or circle time. Kids can sing along as they give themselves a big Polar Bear hug, reinforcing positive affirmations and self-love. So soothing and sweet! These polar bear music activities seamlessly blend learning and enjoyment and are a wonderful complement to an Arctic or winter theme. In the spirit of exploring winter fun, I'm sharing a free snowman song lyric sheet and fun snowman craft to pair with it.

  • “Snow Day Adventure” Winter Music Session Ideas

    Embark on a magical Snow Day Adventure with this winter music session idea —crafted especially for Pre-K and Kindergarten and featuring some fun songs from my Winter Song Bundle! You'll also find a FREEBIE S is for Snowman craft to pair with the snowman song listed below! Theme: Snow Day Adventure Let's dive in by exploring the cozy essentials for a cold winter's day with the song: “What Do I Need to Keep Me Warm?" 🎶 Tune: For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow What do I need to keep me warm, Keep me warm in the winter storm? What do I need to keep me warm? A hat on my head What do I need to keep me warm, Keep me warm in the winter storm? What do I need to keep me warm? A scarf around my neck (Spoken or Sung) A hat on my head A scarf around my neck What do I need to keep me warm, Keep me warm in the winter storm? What do I need to keep me warm? A coat on my back (Spoken or Sung) A hat on my head A scarf around my back A coat on my back Keep the song going adding in: mittens, boots, and a nice warm hug. Conclude with a spoken (or sung) repetition of our winter clothing: A hat on my head A scarf around my back A coat on my back Some mittens on my hands Some boots on my feet And a nice warm hug (wrap arms around self) When introducing the song, involve the kids by using winter clothing visuals, encouraging their suggestions before revealing the visuals in the order they will be sung. Let's bring some musical joy into getting dressed for winter! 2. "Snowflakes Falling, Hip Hooray!" Movement Song Explore all the wonder and fun of a snowy day with this movement song: Snowflakes Falling, Hip Hooray 🎵 Tune of Skip to My Lou Snowflakes falling, hip hooray, Snowflakes falling, hip hooray, Bundle up, let’s go and play What will we do in the snow today? (pick and hold up a winter activity card) We’ll go skating, hip hooray We’ll go skating, hip hooray We’ll go skating, hip hooray On this fun-filled winter’s day. 3. Musical Props and Dancing (I Live Inside a Snow Globe by Laurie Berkner) Add some magic and bring in some musical props as children dance to Laurie Berkner's song. Grab shakers or scarves and kids can move a long to the song's changing actions, pretending they're inside a snow globe. 4. Time to Make a Snowman with the song "Roll, Roll, Roll the Snow" Transition to a seated action song guiding children through the steps of building a snowman. Perfect for encouraging dramatic play and stretching the imagination. This one is sung to the familiar tune of Row Row Row Your Boat. Get a fun FREEBIE "S is for Snowman" colouring craft to complement this sweet song (as well as the lyric sheet) through the button below! 5. It’s Time to Warm Up — Hot Chocolate Song Cap off our snowy adventure and warm-up with the delightful "Hot Chocolate Song." Engage the senses as the children act out the steps, and watch the tasty creation unfold with the engaging hot chocolate song visuals. Curious to learn more about the Hot Chocolate Song? Click the button below! For an extended winter musical journey, explore the 52 page Winter Song Bundle in my shop. It includes 15 song ideas, lyric sheets, visuals for 11 songs, and song choice cards for an interactive circle time. Let the magic of winter unfold through the joy of music! ❄️🎶

  • Festive Musical Activities to Explore Emotions

    Supporting children through emotional learning and development is an important and ongoing task. It sets the stage in helping them form positive relationships, manage difficult feelings, and navigate challenges through problem solving. We can weave these lessons into everyday routines, and also use play-based strategies to nurture emotional well-being — enter musical activities and songs!  As the holiday season is upon us, here are two musical activities that bring some festive fun into learning about emotions. Activity 1 — Pick a Tree Emotion Activity Tune of The Farmer in the Dell What will the feeling be, What will the feeling be? Can you find the matching tree? What will the feeling be? In this activity, trees with varying emotion faces are placed on the Christmas farm printable page. Different scenarios are presented, the song above is sung, and children are to pick the tree that matches the scenario. Scenario: One little tree stayed up far too late Song: What will the feeling be, What will the feeling be? Can you find the matching tree? What will the feeling be? Children choose the tree from the tree farm whose emotion face best matches the scenario — in the case above, “tired.” Activity 2 -- If You’re a Happy Gingerbread Clap Your Hands These sweet gingerbread emotion cards can be used for the classic song “ If You’re Happy and You Know It.” A festive twist can be added to the song by changing the words to “If you’re a happy gingerbread, clap your hands.” Hold up different emotion gingerbread cards and add coping strategies to pair with them as you change each verse. Ex. “If you’re sad and you know it, give yourself a hug” “If you’re angry and you know it, take some deep breaths” “If you’re silly and you know it, dance and stretch” These emotion cards are part of the Gingerbread Activity Pack in my shop, which also includes a fun gingerbread house song, craft, and emotions memory game. To further enrich your toolkit, explore a curated list of year-round songs for supporting emotional well-being in the freebie below. Happy holidays!

  • "It's Time to Warm Up" Hot Chocolate Song

    It’s hot chocolate season, the perfect time to introduce the Hot Chocolate Song Activity Pack and sing about this favourite winter treat! “It’s Time to Warm Up” is an interactive song that engages children through singing, visuals, and movement. In a group setting, little ones can move as you sing together, acting out each step to create the perfect hot chocolate: Getting out the favourite cup, pouring the cocoa, adding the whipped cream, sprinkling the sprinkles, dropping in some marshmallows, and topping it off with a candy cane and cookie. As we move and sing, I love holding up the hot chocolate visual—putting it all together ingredient by ingredient for everyone to see. The fun visual adds another sensory layer to the song, enhancing the overall engagement. I also like to offer children the chance to suggest which visual topping they would like to add next. When using this song visual one on one or a small group, kids can practice taking turns adding the ingredients to the cup themselves when it is their turn. As the song concludes, just before that first delicious taste, there's a chance to practice deep breathing and slow things down. Inhale through the nose, savoring the yummy smell of the hot chocolate, and exhale with an "ahhhhh, it smells so good!" Take another deep breath, followed by the act of blowing to cool down the steaming cup. And now, the much-anticipated moment arrives – it's time to take that sip! Yum, yum, yum! And if you’d like visuals (and an additional craft/colouring sheet) to go along with the singing experience you can find them through the button below. ☕️❄️😊

  • Gratitude Activities Based on the Song “Thanks a Lot” by Raffi

    Gratitude is like a superpower we can all tap into, whether for ourselves or as a lesson for the little ones in our lives. There is an abundance of research out there singing praises about the benefits of gratitude and how it can help us appreciate the good around us, even the little things. It's a skill that gets better with practice, just like learning other skills. But the best part? The rewards are absolutely worth it. Gratitude supports kids through difficult times knowing they have caring people and little joys in their lives to lean on. Plus, it's a booster for our emotional well-being, self-esteem, and even our physical health. Gratitude is like the glue that bonds us with others, and that connection is a key ingredient for wellbeing. There are many ways to incorporate music into the practice and teaching of gratitude. Songs featuring lyrics about thankfulness can be particularly effective in reinforcing this concept. I thought I would share a few different ways to expand one of my go-to gratitude songs to sing with kids. "Thanks A Lot" by Raffi is definitely a favourite when it comes to gratitude songs for kids. It's a lovely, soothing, and simple song, making it easy to sing along to and even adapt. Children can personalize the song by adding the specific things they are grateful for in their own lives. Together, you can create a new version of the song by filling in the last word of each phrase. Thanks a lot, thanks for the _________ Thanks a lot, thanks for the _________ Thanks a lot, thanks for the _________ Thanks a lot, thanks for the _________ Thanks a lot, thanks for the _________ Thanks a lot, thanks for the _________ Thanks a lot, thanks for the _________ Thanks a lot, thanks for the_________ Thanks for the ________ Thanks for the ________ Thanks for the ________ Thanks a lot Thanks for all I've got Thanks for all I've got “Thanks a Lot” Art and Music Activity For a creative activity, you can pair the song with a colouring sheet, which is part of my gratitude art and music pack. Kids can colour in pictures that match the song lyrics while they listen. Afterward, children can discuss what they are thankful for and either draw, write, or have someone help them in noting their gratitude in the space provided on the page. Thanks a Lot: Music and Movement To add an extra layer of fun, consider incorporating movement along with the song. The Good to Know Network's blog post has some great movement ideas to pair with the different elements in this song: sun in the sky, clouds so high, whispering wind… Check out the post here for the movement ideas! Singable Story To my delight, I recently discovered that this song is available in the form of a singable story. This exciting find presents yet another creative opportunity to incorporate the song into a gratitude-themed activity for young children. If you’d like to add more gratitude songs to your days with the little ones in your life, check out my list of “35 Kids’ Songs for Emotional Wellbeing.” This selection of songs was thoughtfully curated to include songs centred around themes of gratitude, emotions, affirmations, movement, connection, calm and relaxation. Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The items recommended are ones I truly love and have used myself.

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