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12 Kindness Songs for Kids

Updated: Feb 7

Music has a beautiful way of connecting with young hearts, teaching valuable lessons in a fun and engaging way. Here’s a curated selection of catchy songs for early childhood that celebrate kindness, connection, and the joy of friendship.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Randi Newman)

Three Kind Mice (Raffi and Lindsay Monroe)

Enjoy a FREE kindness mouse craft, colouring sheet, and song visuals to pair with this one! You can find it here!

Kindness Grows (Little Ripples)

With a Little Help from My Friends (Caspar Babypants)

Kindness (Juicebox Jukebox)

This Little Light of Mine (Elizabeth Mitchell)

This well-loved song can be made into a lesson on how we can let our light shine for others -- how we can let our kindness shine. I've created a kindness star craft to pair with this song, you can find it here!

Kindness is Cool (Renee and Jeremy)

Kindness Mantra (Kira Willey)

I've Got Peace in My Fingers (Susan Salidor)

Try a Little Kindness (Sesame Street with Tori Kelly)

K-I-N-D (Stephanie Leavell)

Everybody's Got a Heartbeat - Kira Willey

Hope you enjoy these sweet sounds of kindness and friendship! For some musical activity ideas relating to this theme, check out:


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