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"It's Time to Warm Up" Hot Chocolate Song

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

It’s hot chocolate season, the perfect time to introduce the Hot Chocolate Song Activity Pack and sing about this favourite winter treat! 

“It’s Time to Warm Up” is an interactive song that engages children through singing, visuals, and movement. In a group setting, little ones can move as you sing together, acting out each step to create the perfect hot chocolate:

Getting out the favourite cup, pouring the cocoa, adding the whipped cream, sprinkling the sprinkles, dropping in some marshmallows, and topping it off with a candy cane and cookie. 

As we move and sing, I love holding up the hot chocolate visual—putting it all together ingredient by ingredient for everyone to see. The fun visual adds another sensory layer to the song, enhancing the overall engagement. I also like to offer children the chance to suggest which visual topping they would like to add next. 

When using this song visual one on one or a small group, kids can practice taking turns adding the ingredients to the cup themselves when it is their turn. 

As the song concludes, just before that first delicious taste, there's a chance to practice deep breathing and slow things down. Inhale through the nose, savoring the yummy smell of the hot chocolate, and exhale with an "ahhhhh, it smells so good!" Take another deep breath, followed by the act of blowing to cool down the steaming cup.

And now, the much-anticipated moment arrives – it's time to take that sip! Yum, yum, yum! 

And if you’d like visuals (and an additional craft/colouring sheet) to go along with the singing experience you can find them through the button below. ☕️❄️😊


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