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Ocean Songs and Activities for Kids

Updated: 2 days ago

I love incorporating an ocean or under-the-sea theme into music sessions. It’s perfect for summer, or any time of year, really—especially during the cold winter months when we dream of being on a warm beach. The theme opens up a world of imagination and creativity as children pretend to be in a boat, under the sea, or different ocean animals. Here are some of my favourite ocean songs and activities:

Ocean Songs with Visuals

5 Little Seashells

Practice counting backwards as seashells get swept up by the waves one by one. Grab the free download to accompany this song here or just below!

Slippery Fish by Charlotte Diamond (version below Amy Liz)

This song is popular for a reason. Kids love to see which ocean animal comes along each time, looking for a meal. The whale letting out a big BURP at the end always creates some giggles.

Use visuals to accompany the song for added fun and engagement.

Ocean Movement Songs

The Goldfish

Not only is this song a hit for its silliness but it also features contrasting musical elements (ex. fast and slow) that children love.

I’m a Little Fish by Laura Doherty

I love this tune and its lyrics, which inspire kids to pretend to be different ocean animals.

Under the Sea

Create an under-the-sea atmosphere by blowing bubbles or using blue dancing scarves to represent water as kids dance along to this Disney favourite.

Jiggling Jellyfish

This simple rhyme is perfect for transitioning from a movement activity to a sitting activity. It’s a playful way to get kids' jiggles and wiggles out as they jiggle right down to the ground.

Ocean Books

The Pout-Pout Fish, Far, Far from Home by Deborah Diesen

This book is a favorite in my sessions. It’s great for exploring emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, worry, and excitement. The story also addresses coping skills, which we practice along with the fish. There are a few repeating phrases that I set to a simple melody to add a musical component to the story. The kids love seeing all the things the fish does on his vacation, and I give them a chance to pick what their favorite activity would be. Overall, it’s full of interactive elements.

Hole in the Bottom of the Sea from Barefoot Books

Based on the classic song, this book is another great choice for an ocean-themed activity.

Hope these ocean songs and activities are a splash!


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