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time for a freeze dance — and here’s why!

Updated: 5 days ago

Summertime always seems to fly by and back to school is right around the corner. Here’s something to consider bringing into the school day (whether during school, before, or after) — a freeze dance. It’s definitely more than just a game. A classic freeze dance helps children practice some important skills while also having a lot of FUN! So what exactly are children learning in this type of musical game?

  • Children are practicing self-regulation skills by listening and responding to the changes in the music (having to stop when the music stops).

  • Responding to and imitating musical elements and changes through movement (ex. fast, slow, stop, go) also help to foster receptive communication skills.

  • A freeze dance can develop motor skills and balance by moving and freezing in different ways.

  • Can provide an opportunity to practice and reinforce academic concepts (see below!)

  • Children also have the freedom to express themselves creatively and emotionally as they dance in their own way to their favourite songs.

  • A freeze dance provides an opportunity to release energy, to reset, and can be used before a task that requires more focus (especially the freeze and

Ready to dance? Try out these fun freeze dance ideas and variations!


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