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8 Song Activities to Explore Rainbows and Colours

Updated: Mar 25

Exploring the world of colours through music can be a magical and educational experience for kids. From vibrant rainbow movement songs to rainbow relaxation, there are so many engaging ways to explore rainbows and colours through music.

1. Rainbow Stew:

I always love how children are enchanted by the "Rainbow Stew" song. Watching as each colourful fruit is added one by one into a pot, creating a beautiful rainbow by the song's end, is so magical for them.

A fun variation is using colourful dancing scarves to form a rainbow, allowing each child to participate in bringing the rainbow to life.

2. Little Mouse Hide and Seek Game

"Little Mouse, little mouse

Are you in the (insert colour) house?"

This fun rhyme encourages exploration and colour recognition as children guess which coloured house the little mouse is hidden behind. The visuals for this activity are available in my shop along with six variations to keep the fun going!

Rainbow and Colours Music and Movement

3. Rainbow Scarf Dance:

Encourage creativity and coordination with a colourful twist to a classic song. Sing and do the "Rainbow Pokey" using scarves or streamers. Alternate colours with each verse and children will take turns putting their colour in. We can adapt the lyrics like this: "You put your (red) scarf in, you put your red scarf out..." At the end, we could sing, “you put all the colours in, you put all the colours out…”

Another idea for a rainbow movement song is Dancing Rainbow Colors by Nancy Stewart. It is a perfect song for scarves and incorporates different movements.

4. Colourful Musical Scavenger Hunt (Days with Grey blog):

Turn a simple musical game into an exciting colour adventure by having children find items matching the colour they land on when the music stops. This activity promotes observation skills and color recognition, whether played indoors or outdoors.

5. Freeze like a Colourful Monster:

Ignite children's imagination with a colourful monster freeze dance. Scatter the friendly monster pictures around the room. Children can dance to the music and when the music stops, find a coloured monster and freeze in the pose the monster is making.

Another way to play would be to call out a colour when the music stops, prompting children to find and freeze in the pose of a monster of that colour.

A Colourful Calming Activity

6. Rainbow Relaxation:

Introduce relaxation techniques with some rainbow breathing. Children can sweep their arms to meet over their head as they breathe in and sweep their arms back down in a rainbow motion as they breathe out. Pair the activity with soothing music to enhance the experience.

Another way to "breathe a rainbow" is by using this free printable guiding children to trace the arch of a rainbow with their finger as they breathe in or out, one colour at a time. Download this freebie rainbow breathing printable here!

Singable and Rhyming Books Showcasing Colours:

7. Pete the Cat (I Love My White Shoes):

Join Pete the Cat on a colorful journey as his white shoes transform with each step. This interactive book, complete with catchy tunes, captivates children while reinforcing color concepts in a playful way.

8. Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse:

Explore colors and concepts through rhythmic rhymes with "Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse." This delightful book not only teaches colors but also sparks curiosity and imagination in little ones.

By integrating music, movement, and storytelling, these activities and books offer rich opportunities for children to explore and appreciate the vibrant spectrum of colours. From colourful dancing with scarves to relaxing rainbow breathing, exploring colours through music is sure to inspire creativity and learning in young minds.


Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The items recommended are ones I truly love and have used myself.


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