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Spring Songs for Preschool, Early Childhood, and Kindergarten

Updated: Mar 31

Spring is in the air! With the changing of seasons comes a symphony of songs, nursery rhymes, and finger plays that capture the wonders of springtime — from flowers to baby animals to sunshine and rain, to bugs, frogs, and more! Because there are so many songs centered around various springtime themes, they offer the perfect way to teach little learners about the season. Music provides a simple yet engaging way to convey a variety of spring concepts.

Teaching Kids About Spring

When using music and song to explore the season, we could start with a simple song about the signs of spring. The song below, sung to the tune of “London Bridge,” explores spring through the senses, giving kids the opportunity to share what they might see, hear, feel, smell, and taste in the springtime.

Signs of spring are everywhere

On the ground and in the air

Signs of spring are everywhere

What do you see (hear, feel, smell, taste)?

“I see a beautiful rainbow”

“I hear birds singing”

A song like this provides a big picture of what the season has to offer. And then, there are plenty of songs specific to different springtime themes that we can continue to sing throughout the season. Here are a few of my favourites:

Spring Creature Finger Plays

This one is a great finger play song that will get little ones buzzing about spring. Kids can make a hive with their fist and then their little fingers become buzzing bees, emerging from their hive one by one.

Here is the beehive

Where are all the bees? Hidden away where nobody sees

Watch and you'll see them,

Come out of their hive



Itsy Bitsy Spider

Climb up the water spout with your fingers, adding rain and sunshine gestures for extra fun. I love to incorporate the “great big spider” with hand claps and the “teeny tiny spider” using a teeny tiny voice.

Two Little Birdies

Two little birdies sitting on a hill

One named Jack

One named Jill

Fly away Jack

Fly away Jill

Come back Jack

Come back Jill

Use pointer fingers as the birds flying them behind your back on “fly away” and bringing them back out on “come back.”

Kids love the variations to this song where we change our voice to suit the lyrics:

Two little birdies sitting on a cloud

One named Quiet

One named Loud…

Two little birdies sitting in a row

One named Fast

One named Slow…

Flower and Garden Spring Songs

Up Grows a Flower

This sweet action song guides little ones through the steps of growing a flower. Plant a seed, add rain and sunshine, then stretch tall like a beautiful flower. This one can be sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.”

First we plant a little seed in the ground

Here comes the rain such a lovely sound

The shining sun so beautiful and bright

Up grows a flower in the morning light

The Bunny Went to the Garden

Set to the familiar tune of "The Bear Went Over the Mountain," this springy song takes us on a garden adventure with a curious bunny as our guide. Children will love helping the bunny count the different treasures she discovers along the way using count and clip cards.

The bunny went to the garden

The bunny went to the garden

The bunny went to the garden

To see what she could see…

Bunny saw…(3 carrots)

Some More Spring Counting Songs

Five in the Bed

Just like the classic "Ten in the Bed," this sweet adaptation features adorable bugs nestled in a leafy bed, as the little ladybug playfully nudges them out one by one.

There were 5 in the bed, and the ladybug said:

‘Roll over, roll over’

So they all rolled over, and one fell out...

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Frogs are so fun, and this timeless song captures their energy perfectly as they each take a playful leap into the pond, one by one.

Spring Movement Songs

This tune is always a favourite as we alternate between moments of peaceful calm sleep and bursts of playful energy as bunnies wake up and hop around. We can also change the lyrics to include additional springtime creatures for added excitement.

Bugs In My Backyard

Encourage imaginative play with this lively song that invites children to use their imagination and move like various backyard bugs, from spinning spiders to hopping grasshoppers.

Stretching Frog

In this song kids gets to imagine they are frogs stretching on a lily pad on a spring day. Children can come into a different yoga pose each time you sing the little ditty.

Printable Spring Circle Time Song Pack

If you’d like an extended version of these songs and more fun spring songs, check out the spring song bundle! It includes 16 springtime song lyric sheets, visuals, song choice cards, and even some colouring!

Embrace the season with melody and joy! :)


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