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5 Halloween Music and Movement Activities for Circle Time

As Halloween approaches, Part 2 of my Musical Ideas for an Autumn Circle Time will focus on some fun Halloween music and movement activities. Music and movement for kids has many benefits and can be used in various ways:

An upbeat freeze dance can serve to work on self-regulation skills as children practice tuning into the music and stopping (controlling their movements) when the music stops. Music and movement can also help kids release their energy and reset, preparing them for tasks that might require more focus later. It also offers an outlet for creative self-expression and stretches the imagination as children move freely or like different animals or characters. And, while it can be upbeat, it can be calming as well. Songs with a slower tempo, steady rhythm, soothing melody promote calm and relaxation and support other calming movement activities like yoga.

So bringing a little Halloween themed music and movement into your circle time this October is not only fun but also supporting children in many other ways. Now let’s move on to some ideas! 😊

Monster Freeze

This monster freeze dance activity adds another element to the classic freeze dance where children have to freeze in the pose the monster is making in the picture. These pictures can either be displayed on the floor around the room, (where children have to go and find a monster when the music stops) or a new picture can be held up for everyone to imitate each time the music stops.

Monster Boogie by Laurie Berkner

This is a song that I love to use every year. Kids have so much fun acting like a great big monster and then dancing and doing the monster boogie when the music changes. The contrast in the music is very engaging for the kids.

Halloween is Almost Here

This song idea below is great for younger kids as it has a familiar not-so-spooky tune (London Bridge), is repetitive, simple to sing, and easy to add in movements. You can make up different movements as you go and children can offer ideas too. It also pairs well with some Halloween Movement Flashcards if you wanted to add a visual element.

Moon Stretch

I thought a rhyme about the moon would also be good for this time of year. This is from my Song and Rhyme Alphabet Card Pack. It’s offers a slower pace with yoga and stretching and deep breaths. And of course, it has to include a blast off to the moon at the end of the rhyme — children can crouch and then jump as high as they can as they blast off in their rocket ships. This can also be paired with some soft musical accompaniment/instrumental recorded music.

Book Rec - If You’re Spooky and You Know It.

Singable stories are definitely one of my favourite things and this one really gets kids actively participating by incorporating not only a familiar tune to sing along to (If You’re Happy and You Know It) but, you guessed it, movement!

Hope you enjoy these Halloween 🎶 activities and if you missed Part One, you can find it here:

4 Fun Musical Ideas for an Autumn Circle Time



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