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Monster Pie — An Engaging and Interactive Halloween Musical Story

Since I started creating resources for kids and sharing them with fellow educators and caregivers, the most heartwarming aspect has been hearing about the joy these activities bring to children. It's incredibly rewarding to see my mission in action. 😊 With Halloween just around the corner, I couldn't resist sharing this delightful activity: Monster Pie.

Recently, a teacher shared some kind feedback about the October Creative Play Bundle, mentioning that Monster Pie was a big hit with her preschoolers. This little story involves a mischievous monster making a monster pie, with a singable part where kids get to add yucky ingredients. It's a real crowd-pleaser, captivating their attention and sparking smiles and laughter.

Here's the full story for you to try with your little ones this Halloween. It's an activity that sparks imagination – just grab an empty pie plate and let the children take turns coming up with yucky or silly things to add to the pie. If you're interested in interactive visuals and story sheets, you can find them here.

Introducing Monster Pie:

I spy a monster making pie

No, not apple or cherry or key lime

This monster’s pie is filled with


“Ho Hum Me Oh My

What shall I add?

What shall I try?

Perhaps a (fill-in-the-blank)

For my slimy monster pie”

(repeat this section for each ingredient you add to the pie)

I spy a monster opening wide

He gobbles up the pie


Waves goodbye

And off he goes

With a happy sigh!

You can always chant the singable, pie making, part of the story but if you’d like an idea for the melody, below is the story in action:

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Happy Halloween fun for all! 🎃 Enjoy creating your very own monster pie this Halloween! 🥧


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