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Polar Bear Songs and Activities for Circle Time

Updated: 5 days ago

Ready for some polar bear fun? These engaging music activities -- perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and early learning -- are here to nurture creativity and development in young learners. The following ideas, many from my Polar Bear Activity Pack, are sure to bring a delightful blend of education and fun.

1. Dress the Polar Bear - Colour Learning Activity:

Explore colours as little ones dress the polar bear in this interactive learning activity.

"Brrr, brrr, it's cold out there,

Can you find a (red) hat for bear to wear,"

The rhyme above will prompt kids to find the matching colour and place it on the polar bear.

2. Emotion and Iceberg Matching Game:

Combine movement, music, and emotional awareness with the emotion and iceberg activity. Within this movement game, children hold a polar bear emotion card, dance like polar bears, and find the matching emotion iceberg when the music stops. Kids get to learn about emotions in a playful way, with a polar bear twist.

3. If You're a Happy Polar Bear Song

You can also use polar bear emotion cards to bring a winter and arctic twist to the classic song, "If You're Happy and You Know It." Change the lyrics to incorporate different emotions:

-If you're a happy polar bear, clap your hands...

-If you're a tired polar bear, have a stretch ...

-If you're a sad polar bear, give yourself a hug...

4. “Polar Bear" Song by Rachel Rambach:

Rachel Rambach's rhythmic polar bear song engages children in dynamic movements, mirroring the polar bear's activities. With 2 distinct actions within the song, kids are not only engaged but also develop a sense of rhythm, promoting coordination and motor skills. Also, activities like this that involve internalizing a steady beat are regulating for kids, bringing a sense of calm.

5. Counting Sprinkles in Polar Bear's Hot Chocolate:

Combine numeracy with a touch of sweetness as kids count sprinkles in the polar bear's hot chocolate. Choose whipped cream to place in Bear's cup, sing the rhyme below (tune of Twinkle Twinkle), and then count the sprinkles.

"Polar bear, polar bear, time to warm up.

How many sprinkles inside your cup?"

Make learning to count fun while also reinforcing basic math skills through play!

This activity also includes a polar bear craft where kids have to draw or paste sprinkles (sequins, stickers, gems) into bear’s hot chocolate according to the number on the flashcard.

6. Polar Bear Ice Fishing -- Exploring Letters and Sounds:

Sing this simple song to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell:

"A polar bear went to sea

To sea what he could see

He looked down and then he found

A fish who made this sound


In this activity, children can help the polar bear choose a fish with a letter and practice identifying the letter and making its sound.

7. Polar Bear Storytelling with Instruments:

Adding a storytelling element to my music sessions with young children is something that I do often. Musical stories are so great for redirecting and holding attention. I’ve created a little story about a polar bear's winter adventure where children use instruments to accompany the tale, bringing it to life with sound. This activity not only nurtures creativity but also further encourages active listening and participation.

7. Bear Hug Affirmation Song:

I think this song by Stephanie Leavell is a wonderfully gentle way to wrap up a polar bear or winter session or circle time. Kids can sing along as they give themselves a big Polar Bear hug, reinforcing positive affirmations and self-love. So soothing and sweet!

These polar bear music activities seamlessly blend learning and enjoyment and are a wonderful complement to an Arctic or winter theme.


Get ready for 5 days of musical play! Join the fun as we put a creative twist on classic nursery rhymes!


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